History / Philosophy

Here at Ross Memorial we strive to provide a homelike safe environment suited to those over 65. It is our goal and mission to care for your loved one as one of our own family while giving you the comfort and peace of mind that you have chosen the best environment available.

The Ross family, whose origins are from South Georgia, started what was originally Shady Grove Rest Home in 1965 which was located next door. James A. and Annie Lee Ross had five children. When the entrepreneurial James began his new business in rural Cobb in the early 60's he and Annie Lee decided this was the ideal location to start a new chapter in their lives. It was one born from their experience of having a loved one in what was then considered a convalescent home. During that time options were few and specialized geriatric care facilities had not been anything but a distant thought. So, with all their children grown and well on their way traversing their own paths, James A. and Annie Lee started Shady Grove Rest Home in the location that the current Shady Grove Manor Personal Care Home sits.

James A. & Annie Lee Ross

With its original 24 beds they set out to provide a loving and caring environment for those who desperately needed it. In the early days and years they transitioned from their Decatur home and a lengthy commute to moving into the building's basement. With James A. as the administrator and Annie Lee running Activities, some of the clerical, payroll, and hiring, together they forged a new path the way they felt geriatric care should be. As time went on and government began to become more involved, regulations became increasingly cumbersome for the two of them to navigate on their own. In 1975 James and Annie's fourth child, James W., who had just retired from the U.S. Army after 25 years, was needed to help out his parents through the difficult times. Interest rates were at 21%, and with the beginning of governmental intrusions that made permits and improvements impossible at times they were faced with many costly hurdles. The building had no air conditioning, they were forced to add a sprinkler system that almost broke them and, having a flat roof meant dealing with frequent leaks. What started as a short stay to help quickly turned into his life's passion where he realized a difference could be made. In the late 70's and early 80's Shady Grove Rest Home began some expansion adding a dining room and 8 beds making 32 beds in total. It quickly became apparent that further expansion of the current facility was not possible with the mushrooming governmental regulations and restrictions, so in 1985 after the passing of James A. the plan was devised to build a new facility. So with no collateral James W. and his mother Annie Lee enlisted the help of James' siblings, William "Bill", Mary and John. That new facility opened in 1991 and with a much larger facility (100 beds) came a significantly greater demand for additional staff as well as a plan for what to do with the existing building. Bill, and John along with his wife Lynda, came to work with their brother while Mary and her husband, Harry, in 1991 launched Shady Grove Manor, which is the personal care facility on the hill. While the geriatric field has seen tremendous change over the last 50 years, those family members that were instilled with the same passion of service, continue to strive to provide the very best our great industry has to offer.