This is to advise that N.B. is planning to end his residency at Ross Memorial on the 31st of January. As a result of the excellent care he has received at your facility, he has improved so that he can now step up to an assisted living facility. N. and his family appreciate so much all that has been done for him. He has been cared for in a way that has seemed to us to be more than we could have expected. All of the staff has been extremely helpful in caring for him and working with the family. We are grateful for his amazing improvement and credit your staff with that outcome.

I know there are many families that can say thank you to your facility but I wonder if there are many that have been in the position to express that appreciation twice. As you know, N. Jr. is the second family member Ross has cared for. My Dad, N. Sr., was "brought back to life" during one residency at Ross Memorial and then, during a second residency, was ushered lovingly into his passing at Ross. Now N. Jr. has found the same life turnaround in your facility. For these reasons, we want to express not only our appreciation but our love for your facility and your staff. Please share this as you see fit so that the staff will know how thankful we are for all of them.

For the N.B. Family
(Names were abbreviated for privacy reasons.)